*reach into that collection of ephemera and memories you haven't had the heart to throw away,
pick your favorite odds and ends,
and put them together to make something new.
*a junk drawer piece is composed of a collection of seemingly random items and experiences that come together to form an understanding of a bigger picture.
Junk Drawer.jpg
Junk Drawer3.jpg
Junk Drawer4.jpg
Junk Drawer5.jpg
Junk Drawer6.jpg
Junk Drawer10.jpg
Junk Drawer11.jpg
Junk Drawer12.jpg
Junk Drawer13.jpg
Junk Drawer14.jpg
Junk Drawer15.jpg
Junk Drawer16.jpg
Junk Drawer17.jpg
Junk Drawer18.jpg
Junk Drawer19.jpg
Junk Drawer20.jpg
Junk Drawer21.jpg
Junk Drawer22.jpg
Junk Drawer23.jpg
Junk Drawer24.jpg
Junk Drawer25.jpg
Junk Drawer26.jpg
Junk Drawer27.jpg
Junk Drawer28.jpg
Junk Drawer29.jpg
Junk Drawer31.jpg
Junk Drawer30.jpg
Junk Drawer33.jpg
Junk Drawer32.jpg
Junk Drawer34.jpg
Junk Drawer35.jpg
Junk Drawer36.jpg
Junk Drawer37.jpg
Junk Drawer38.jpg
Junk Drawer39.jpg
Junk Drawer40.jpg
Junk Drawer41.jpg