Welcome to Peach Pit

Now that we're all settled into 2020, we've got some announcements for the coming year! Here’s what you can expect from PV Mag in 2020:


As always, we publish three themed #zines a year, and 2020’s themes will be:

  • THAW | spring ‘20 (n) One of the rare liminal spaces between what was and what is. Accepting subs in the month of February; goes live in April.

  • AS IS | summer ‘20 Welcome to the PV Mag yardsale. What are you bringing to the table? Accepting subs in the month of May; goes live in July.

  • HOMETOWN HAUNTS | hallozine ‘20 What haunts the place you once called home? Accepting subs in the month of August; goes live in October.


Do you have pristine surfaces just waiting to be covered with stickers? Sounds like you could use a PV Mag sticker. You know, when we make them. Also bookmarks!

Maybe someday we’ll have mugs or enamel pins. What kind of merch would you be interested in? Shoot us an email at peachvelvetmagazine@gmail.com and let us know!


And last but not least, you may have noticed we have a blog now. It’s not much, but it’s honest work. Anyhow things are still a little up in the air right now in terms of what this blog will look like and when posts will come out, but here are some things you can expect from us:

  • Current events in literature

  • Reviews

  • Writing and editing tips

  • Thoughts on creativity and craft

  • Weird word stuff

  • Maybe some videos???

  • Other things, probably.

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