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a hallozine


ghosts & drinking
& drunk ghosts
who comes to you at night, when the silvery light of the moon slips into your bedroom to glint off your glass and drink in your dreams? when the embers burn low, and stories are passed around like the bottle keeping you warm, what ghosts do you conjure in the fire? when a crash in the night stirs you from your bed, what's missing from the liquor cabinet?
we want the intersection of your haunts & habits,
your spooks & spirits, your boos & booze.
submit poetry, prose, & art 750 words or less
applicable to this zine's theme to:
please include SPIRIT and your name in the subject line
submissions period: 9/1/19 - 9/30/19
Editor in Chief // Veronica Mattaboni
Associate Editors // Lauren Christ, Martin Hopson,
Kirsten Magas, & Max James
Design & Layout // Braxton Kocher
Cover art // Ocean by Alice Mao