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handmade valentines

The wonderful thing about running a zine press is that we make no money and everything we do is in our own free time.

But we want to pay our writers!


Which means we need to raise some cash. So we're handmaking poetic valentines and mailing them across the country for small donations.

how to

get one:

First, head on over to Ko-fi to make your donation. Be sure to leave your name so we know it was you!

The last day to request a valentine is

February 11th (2/11/19).


(but you can make donations whenever you want.

wink wink nudge nudge)

then tell us where to mail it

Success! Message received.

Email should include your name and address.

Valentines may not arrive in time for February 14th (2/14/19), because we can't control the postal system.