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Peach Velvet Mag publishes themed zines online and in print three times a year: spring summer, and fall. Each of our zines is a self contained narrative, cobbled together from contributors around the globe to form a new story for each theme.

Take part in the narrative

Our zines are not anthologies.

They're not collections of works.

Our zines are a spliced patchwork of thoughts and notions that come together to form a narrative. Each zine is a new story. We choose our submissions based on how they work together and how they add to the overall narrative.

If you'd like to be a part of that narrative, check out our zines page to see what we're currently or soon will be soliciting for.

Take a look at our submissions page for subs FAQ.

So here's the thing about us

The wonderful thing about running a zine press is that we make no money and everything we do is in our own free time.

Unfortunately, we have very limited (and varying) funds to pay our writers with. But we're dedicated to never charging our writers submission fees because we firmly believe that writers shouldn't have to pay to be published.

But if you like what we do and want to support us of your own free-will, you could